Flight cases manufacturing

In addition to providing sound and lighting services, X So also manufactures custom-made flight cases for:Musical instruments

  • Musical instruments
  • Sound material
  • Lighting material
  • Medical apparatuses
  • Any material requiring special protection for transportation

Our flat cases are crafted with first-quality materials and are designed in cooperation with the customer to meet his/her needs.

A few of our customers:

  • David Simó: drummer (David Bisbal, giras OT, Orquesta Mondragón, etc...)
  • Jose Luis Guart: keyboard player (Rosa, giras OT, Fundación Tony Manero, etc...)
  • Jordi Portaz: bass and double bass player (Lluis Llach, David Bisbal, giras OT, etc...)
  • Kike Serrano: keyboard player (Jarabe de Palo, etc...)
  • Joan Pau Chaves: keyboard player (Els Pets)
  • Joan Faura: keyboard player (Pastora, etc...)
  • Fabio Diangelo: guitar player (Diosa, etc...)
  • Jordi Gaig: keyboard player (Orquesta Árabe de Barcelona, Abba Revival, etc...)
  • Pablo Santiz: drummer (freelance)
  • So Bages: sound and lighting rental company
  • Indermia: medical-aesthetic apparatus rental company
  • Baterías Hidráulicas SA: Plasma TV flight case

Sample Flight Cases made by us

Moving head flight case (inside)

Moving head flight case (outdoor)

Plasma TV flight case (outdoor)

Wireless Microphone flight case

Keyboards flight case

Telescope flight case (outdoor)

Telescope flight case (inside)